Solar Power Plants 2020-2026 (dps)

The dynamic procurement system (DPS) targets the following to be delivered to Hansel Oy's customers:

– installed solar power plants (including PPA agreements)

– other products and services related to solar power plants, such as design, monitoring systems and components.

During the duration of the dynamic procurement system, all interested candidates or their associations can apply to participate in the system. Hansel's customers make procurements among suppliers approved for the dynamic procurement system through DPS's internal tenders, which can be scheduled for the entire period of validity of the procurement phase of the dynamic procurement system.

The object of DPS is described in more detail in this request for participation and its attachments.

Estimated total value

Value excluding VAT: 55 000 000.00 EUR

Telefon :

(0312) 447 46 45

E-posta :


Türkey - Ankara

Firma Adı :

Energy Exporter


Mannerheiminaukio 1A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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